The Fixed package allows you to store and perform math on decimal numbers with a fixed scale (fixed no. of decimal places).

All amounts are stored as BigInts to allow precision math to be performed.

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The features of Fixed are:

  • Fixed uses a selectable fixed scale (no. of decimal places)

  • Fixed provides a builtin formatter and parser Fixed.format(pattern)

  • Fixed includes a convenience method Fixed.formatIntl(locale) which formats the number with the provided locale or the default locale if not provided.

  • You can create a Fixed instance from a number sources

var t1 = Fixed.fromNum(1); /// == 1.00
var t2 = Fixed.fromNum(1, scale: 3); /// == 1.000

var add = t1 + 10;
var multiply = t1 * t2;

var t3 = Fixed.parse("1.23356"); // == 1.23356, scale: 5

if (t1 == t2) // true
    print(t1.format('0.##')); // '1.00'

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